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In 1890 Gust E. Hagert came to the United States from Sweden at 16 years of age.


In 1905, Gust moved from the city of Emerado to Section 10 in Pleasant View Township, Emerado, ND and worked on his uncle Oscar Hagert's farm.


Gust purchased the land he had been renting and farming.


After running the farm for over 40 years Gust Hagert retired and passed Hagert Farms down to one of his sons, Curtis Hagert Sr.


Curtis Hagert Sr. bought the family farm from his dad, Gust.


Throughout 1968-1974 Curtis Hagert Sr., Curt Hagert Jr., and David Hagert officially named the farm "Hagert Farms."


At 62 years old, Curtis Hagert Sr. retired from farming in 1982 and two of his sons, Curtis Jr. and David purchased the farm.

1993 - 1994

The seed conditioning plant was a dream of Curtis Hagert Jr’s. and the process of building began in 1993.  By November 1994, Hagert Seed was up and running on Hagert Farms.


As a sophomore in college, Jared Hagert began his career and started farming with his dad, Curtis Jr. He farmed during college breaks, graduating with his degree in Ag Systems Management at NDSU.


David retired from the family farm and rented his land out to his brother Curtis Jr.


After farming for over 40 years (all of his life) and conditioning seed for over 13 years, Curtis Jr. retired and sold the operations of Hagert Farms and Hagert Seed to Jared and his wife, Brandie.  Of course, Curt can still be found working in a tractor.

Video: Hagert Farms: Horses to Horsepower by UND TV Center

Jan 2015

To further develop Hagert Seed, Jared started the building of Integrated Ag Services in January 2015 just a few miles southwest of the family farm.  With the assistance of Curtis Jr. and others, the design of a new warehouse, seed plant, navy bean receiving station, and office were created to enhance the operations of Hagert Seed. The dream was to be “More than your local seed supplier, with quality genetics, proven performance, and dependable service."

Fall 2015

Integrated Ag Services building process was far enough along to begin the transition from Hagert Seed and start receiving Navy Beans at the new location, 490 29th St Northwood.

Jan 2016

By Jan 2016 Integrated Ag Services conditioning facility was in full operations and started conditioning for over 10 high quality seed companies and distributing seed throughout the Midwest. The new facility is equipped with a full line of precision conditioning equipment and has the ability to handle bulk and package seed to our customers’ requirements.


Today, Integrated Ag Services has over 100 years of farming history and works with a number of high quality seed companies to be able to offer you the best options available.  Owner, Jared Hagert, and Operations Manager, Jon Rethemeier, continue to farm, utilizing innovative technology and planting the most recent proven genetics to demonstrate the opportunities Integrated Ag Services offers.

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