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DSR - C918/R2Y

0.09 RM

·       Rps1k PRR gene and strong field tolerance

·       Stable agronomic package

·       Excels in high yield environments

·       Use caution on high IDC prone soils

DSR - 0200/R2Y

0.1 RM

·       Proven performance in our region across environments

·       Excels in high yield environments

·       Performs well in challenging environments

·       Great emergence in cooler soils

DSR - 0225/R2Y

0.2 RM

·       Strong agronomic attributes for BSR & PRR

·       Rps1c PRR gene

·       Segregating for PI88788 to provide some SCN tolerance

·       Good early vigor, with good height and standability

DSR - 0240/R2Y

0.2 RM

·       Broad statured for fast canopy

·       Excels in high yield environment

·       Moves south well

·       Good offensive variety

DSR - 0305/R2Y

0.3 RM

·       Robust emergence in cooler soils

·       Good choice for IDC prone soils

·       STS tolerance provides additional herbicide options

·       Strong performance in the Red River Valley

DSR - 0404

0.4 RM                               

·       Rps3a gene combined with top-shelf field tolerance to PRR

·       Sturdy defender in IDC prone situations

·       Handles WM

·       Slightly broader canopy will fill the row quickly

DSR - 0418

0.4 RM

·       Excellent yield potential with solid agronomics

·       Solid SCN tolerance

·       Excellent early season vigor promotes health looks throughout the season

·       Gorgeous, light tawny visuals

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