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S007 - Y4

0.05 RM

·      Proven Yield Leader with Broad Adaptation

·      Very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance

·      Strong Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance with the Rps1c gene

·      Solid emergence with excellent Sclerotinia White Mold tolerance

S006 - W5

0.05 RM

·      Exciting Top-end Yields

·      Unique Rps gene stack for superior Phytophthora protection

·      Solid standability

·      Well suited for highly productive soils


0.08 RM

·       Consistent performance under stress or ideal conditions

·       Large plant type and strong stress tolerance allow placement on drought prone soils

·       Excellent IDC tolerance allows placement on high-pH soils

·       Good choice for moderate/variable environments

S009 - J1

0.09 RM

·       Shorter stature bean with great standability

·       RAG gene for soybean aphid tolerance

·       Very strong IDC for placement on high pH soils

·       Rps3a gene helps deliver strong performance on poorly drained soils


0.1 RM                                Roundup Ready 2 Extend Soybeans

·       Early yield leader with strong agronomics for the whole farm

·       Broadly adapted across soil types, best performance on fine-textured soils

·       Very good IDC tolerance

·       Excellent defense against PRR with Rps1c gene

S02 - B4

0.2 RM

·       High-yielding Product with Excellent Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Tolerance

·       Rps1k gene and very good Soybean White Mold tolerance

·       Medium-tall, medium canopy with very good standability

·       Very good emergence


0.3 RM                               

·       SCN tolerance

·       IDC tolerance with top yields

·       Performance across soil types and weather patterns allow broad placement

·       Moderate plant height, good canopy closure, works well in all row widths


0.3 RM                                Roundup Ready 2 Extend Soybeans

·       Strong disease package delivering consistent performance

·       Good choice for poorly drained soils

·       Strong IDC tolerance

·       Well suited to fields where PRR can be an issue

S06 - Q9

0.6 RM                               

·       SCN resistance with top end yield

·       Very good IDC

·       Excellent emergence for fast start

·       Very strong standability for harvest ease


0.6 RM                                Roundup Ready 2 Extend Soybeans

·       Yield leader with strong stress tolerance

·       Bred to perform on tougher, coarse-textured soils

·       Superior PRR control with Rps3a gene

·       Very good standability


0.3 RM                Liberty Link

·       Strong Yields in an Early Season Product

·       Very good emergence allows planting in no-till acres

·       Solid Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance

·       Rps1k gene with strong field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot


0.6 RM                Liberty Link

·       Top-end Yield with Strong Defensive Characteristics

·       Strong Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance and Rps1k gene allow planting in heavy soils

·       Moderately resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode

·       Medium-tall, bushy plant type allows planting on stress soils

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