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LH9120 BR

Branch Root

·       Branch root alfalfa with high forage yield potential

·       High resistance to six major diseases along with high resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot race 2

·       Winter hardy (2.0) fall dormancy 3.8

LH9300 ST

Salt Tolerant

·       Exceptional performance in poorly drained soils

·       Advanced rooting system

·       High forage yields

·       Excellent winter hardiness

LH9600 HY

Hybrid alfalfa with msSunstra

·       Very dense persistent stands with high forage yield

·       Rapid recovery after harvest

·       Excellent disease resistance


·       Powerful plant health for challenging disease prone environments

·       High resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 2

·       Great plant health that results in excellent adaptability for diverse planting environments

455TQ RR

Roundup Ready

·       Outstanding disease resistance

·       Excellent regrowth for aggressive harvest schedules

·       Increased tonnage capacity and better quality


HarvXtra with Roundup Ready Technology

·       Wider harvest windows for increased flexibility to manage quality

·       12-15% less lignin and 12-15% higher neutral detergent fiber digestibility for improved digestion and increased output per cow

·       Stacked with Roundup Ready technology for unmatched weed control and crop safety

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