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0.1 RM

·       Rps1k gene for PRR

·       Very good tolerance to IDC

·       Thinner plant type for narrow rows

·       Latham’s earliest variety for 2018


0.2 RM

·       Rps1c gene for PRR

·       Excellent defense against IDC

·       Clusters of brown pods over the top of canopy

·       Tremendous line for the Red River Valley


0.4 RM                                Ironclad

·       Works best in Valley and east

·       Medium-tall plant with excellent standability

·       Rps1k gene for PRR

·       Latham’s earliest Ironclad for Xtend or RR2Y


0.5 RM

·       Rps3a gene for PRR

·       Moderate tolerance to SCN

·       Lateral branches add to overall width

·       Excellent IDC tolerance


0.7 RN

·       Brown stem rot resistant

·       Excellent IDC and WM scores

·       Rps1c gene for PRR


0.07 RM

·       Replaces all other Latham “00” soybeans

·       Outstanding soybean for west of the valley

·       Bushier type plant for wider rows

·       3a+C gene for PRR


0.1 RM

·       Non-SCN line for the Red River Valley

·       Brown Stem Rot Resistant

·       Excellent IDC and stress tolerance

·       Rpa1c gene for PRR


0.1 RM

·       Visually stunning:  looks like a BIG yielder

·       Excellent IDC tolerance

·       Carries slight SCN tolerance

·       Terrific line for NW Minnesota and NE North Dakota


0.2 RM

·       Beautiful green tawny-brown appearance

·       Rps1c gene for PRR

·       Excellent IDC tolerance

·       Moves west across NW Minnesota to ND


0.2 RM

·       Outstanding line for the Red River Valley

·       Rps3a gene for PRR

·       Medium-tall, medium bush plant type

·       Very good IDC and WM tolerance


0.4 RM

·       Rps3a gene for PRR

·       SCN resistance from PI88788

·       Very good IDC tolerance

·       Great stress tolerance


0.1 RM                                Liberty Link

·       Our earliest Ironclad option in the lineup

·       Strong early vigor and branching

·       Rps1a gene for PRR

·       Terrific package for the northern valley


0.3 RM                                Liberty Link

·       Terrific soybean for ND and upper MN

·       Excellent score against IDC

·       Very bushy plant type

·       Rps1k gene for PRR


0.6 RM                                Liberty Link

·       Top-end yield with solid defense

·       Medium-tall, medium bush plant type

·       Moves well north and south of zone

·       Consistent, clean look at harvest

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