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LS - 00834 RR2

0.08 RM

·       Yield and a strong defensive package

·       Medium-tall profiled soybean

·       Performs well across all soil type

·       Best of class IDC scores

LS - 00835N RR2

0.08 RM

·       SCN protection

·       Great variety for tough soils

·       Performs across multiple environments

·       Positions extremely well in the Red River Valley

LS - 0135 RR2

0.09 RM

·       Yield leader in group 00

·       Very good choice for drought prone soils

·       Moves well south of its maturity zone

·       Long lateral branching will allow for planting in variable row width

LS - 0214 RR2

0.2 RM

·       Above average IDC scores

·       Tall plant with some lateral branching

·       Outstanding plant health with very dark green leaves throughout the season

·       Excels in the Red River Valley

LS - 0334 RR2

0.3 RM

·       Bushy and branchy plant that works well in all row widths

·       Above average IDC with good field tolerance to PRR

·       Will fit a variety of field conditions across North Dakota and Minnesota

·       Absolute yield powerhouse, continues to impress in all corners of the north

LS - 0635N RR2

0.6 RM

·       Defensive SCN variety with great yield expression

·       Rps3a gene for PRR

·       Medium tall, medium bushy plant type for good adaptation for row widths

·       Excellent stress bean with excellent IDC scores

LS - 0646 RR2

0.6 RM

·       Strong yield potential with excellent standability

·       Will position across all soil and environments

·       Medium plant height with a medium canopy

·       Very good defensive characteristics featuring IDC and WM scores

LS - 00538 RR2X

0.05 RM

·       Strong soybean package for northern North Dakota and Minnesota

·       Carries good height for 0.05 soybean maturity

·       Defensive iron chlorosis tolerance is above average

·       Strong emergence scores for northern climates

LS - 00738N RR2X

0.07 RM

·       Strong white mold scores

·       Excellent stem strength for superior standability

·       Excellent stress and IDC tolerance

·       Will be a contender in high yield environments

LS - 00937 RR2X

0.09 RM

·       “Rock Star” performance in North Dakota

·       Good IDC scores

·       Very good control of BSR

·       Rps1k gene for PRR with very good field tolerance

LS - 0237 RR2X

0.2 RM

·       Excellent IDC tolerance

·       Rps1c gene for PRR with good field tolerance

·       Adapts well to North Dakota and Minnesota

·       Yield stability with lots of pods across the top

LS - 0337N RR2X

0.3 RM

·       Strong SCN control, excellent IDC scores, and Rps3a PRR gene

·       Withstands white mold prone environments well

·       Versatile soybean for all soil types

·       Stands great, very branchy, compact plant type

LS - 0438 RR2X

0.4 RM

·       Good lateral branching makes this variety adaptable to all row widths

·       Very good natural PRR tolerance

·       Excellent emergence and standability will bring in strong yields

·       Very adaptable variety to all soil types with strong control of IDC

LS - 0638N RR2X

0.6 RM

·       Excellent IDC and white mold tolerance

·       SCN resistance and natural PRR field tolerance

·       Exceptional stress tolerance for good soil type adaptability

·       IDC+SCN+PRR+WM tolerance makes this variety unstoppable

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